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How Long Does It Take for You to Create The Highlight Film of Our Wedding?
Approximately 8-10 weeks after your wedding, you can expect to receive your highlight film from Sam Eng Films.

What If We Would Like Changes Made?
Sam Eng Films in Irvine, California, wants our clients to be completely satisfied, so we will work with you until you are thrilled with your wedding film.

Is There Ever a Chance You Will Lose Our Footage?
We ensure that all wedding day film is backed up in multiple locations, as well as use cloud storage up to one year.

Will We Feel Like We’re “On Camera” the Whole Time?
Not at all! You and your guests will enjoy the wedding while we blend seamlessly in the background, capturing your special moments. Our team dresses like your guests to facilitate this.

How Will You Work Alongside Our Wedding Photographer?
Our goal at Sam Eng Films is to create a seamless experience for our clients. This is your special day, so let us take care of the details! We’ll work closely with your photographer to ensure that the wedding is captured to your expectations. Think of us as your memories team!

What if Our Wedding Runs Over the Scheduled Time?
Since our wedding film package includes 8-9 hour coverage, this should not be a concern. Sam Eng Films aims to arrive as soon as the bride is ready, and films through all scheduled wedding day events discussed.

What Do You Charge for Wedding Videography?
See our Weddings page for examples

What Do You Offer for Corporate Filming Options?
Producing small business marketing videos has become very popular these days with the success of YouTube and other video search sites. Local Irvine-area businesses and nonprofit organizations can produce video content in our studio starting as low as $899. We love producing these videos! It’s a lot of fun—and we like giving back to our community.

Why are Video Crew Rates Broken Down into Full Days and Half Days? What if I Only Need 1 Hour? 
In our industry, the half-day and full day rates are standard. On any shoot, our crews put in a considerable amount of time developing a shot list, checking off shoot logistics, preparing equipment, transporting gear, and setting up. Every shoot is a 4-hour commitment, minimum. Quotes are provided upon request.